An Icon of the Post-SoundCloud rap era who has been dominating the early- to mid 2020s, $atori Zoom has played fast and loose when it comes to genres, often incorporating elements of experimental rap, punk rock, goth, alternative, and hip-hop. In 2019, he experienced a meteoric ascension following his breakout single “BUSTER,” which garnered the attention of avid music listeners and major record labels alike. Rather than be complacent or chase another viral hit, $atori kept his head down beneath his signature bandana and L.A. cap, and pushed himself even further. The result was a steady output of successful singles, including his debut album ATTICA! (2022) - an ode to the “Phonk” subgenre made his own through playful lyricism and bewitching atmospherics. The album cemented $atori’s hardcore fanbase, also earning him support from Memphis hip-hop prodigies DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia and Xavier Wulf.

Drawing influence and inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, XXXTENTACION, The Germs, Playboi Carti, and Radiohead, $atori Zoom has been able to craft a clear vision for his musical direction. His newest single “COUNT THAT,” suggests a real desire to expand his sound, evoking a sense of unapologetic hedonism mixed with head-rattling “Rage” instrumentation. Yet, through his evolution, $atori’s core artistry that earned him his cult fanbase has never shaken - perhaps the most noteworthy accomplishment of his bold come up.